Overriding Hover Styles on Mobile

JavaScript, jQuery, Mobile, Web Development | Posted by Keefr May 25th, 2016

I’m always looking for more snippets of code, markup, etc. to add to my always growing TextExpander list of bits I’ll reuse. This is a definite one I immediately added.

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Preventing Web Widows and Orphans

Web Development | Posted by Keefr May 22nd, 2016

jqueryWorking for an agency with a traditional print background, our designers are often hung up on widows and orphans. With most designs these days having some form of responsive and/or fluid component, it’s hard not to have the occasional widow or orphans. While I’ve admittedly never spent much time trying to come up with a solution, a quick Google search tonight found this post from a few years back that uses a few lines of jQuery to basically insert a non-breaking space to prevent single words from dropping to their own line all by themselves.

It’s a great start, and the couple lines of jQuery have been added to my large, but still ever-growing list of text snippets in TextExpander.

Source: Web Dev Door –
Preventing Widows and Orphans in Websites

Safari Technology Preview

Browsers, Chrome, Safari | Posted by Keefr May 21st, 2016

Safari Technology PreviewI’ve had the tab open since late March about Apple making nightly builds of Safari. I downloaded it soon after, but have yet to explore, nor find a reason to use Apple’s Safari Technology Preview.

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Semantic CSS

CSS, HTML | Posted by Keefr May 20th, 2016

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)Great article from A List Apart about utilizing modern-day markup of HTML5 and CSS3 to elevate above endless divs and classes.

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Google Admits Quality Content Writing Prevails… Duh

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Posted by Keefr March 15th, 2016

Google Admits Quality Content Writing Prevails... DuhNothing in the article written below should come as a surprise —but it’s great to get confirmation from Google.

It basically comes down to what we all suspect, know and/or are hopefully implementing. Good content by people that have an understanding about what they’re writing about ranks well.

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