Guidelines For Organizing and Creating CSS

CSS | Posted by Keefr October 21st, 2014

CSSI can’t remember how I stumbled across this last week (think it was probably on Stack Overflow), Regardless, it’s a great set of guidelines surrounding organizing and setting up your cascading style sheets. You always see documentation on coding different languages, but it’s rare to find a good set of CSS guidelines.

High-Level Advice and Guidelines for Writing Sane, Manageable, Scalable CSS

WordPress Via the Command Line

DevOps, Web Development, WordPress | Posted by Keefr October 15th, 2014

wordpressI came across this today as I was exploring new web hosting for work and personal sites. It seems there’s a project that allows you to create, maintain and update WordPress sites via the command line (after a little bit of setup, of course).

I can see this as being nice for automating and managing a lot of sites, but overall, WordPress is already pretty sleek and usable via a bigger GUI.

That being said, I’ll likely play around with this at some point out of curiosity as much as anything else.


7 Obsolete SEO Tactics You’re Wasting Your Time On

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Posted by Keefr October 14th, 2014

SEOSearch engine optimization has always had its share of misconceptions and outdated concepts that people hold onto.

The article below links to seven tactics that many still rely on that are simply ineffective and a waste of your time.

7 Obsolete SEO Tactics You’re Wasting Your Time On

Using Srcset For Responsive Images

CSS, Responsive Design, Web Development | Posted by Keefr October 13th, 2014

responsive webFollowing on the heels of yesterday’s post about responsive images, this is an even simpler solution — utilizing the srcset attribute on img tags and modern browsers can handle responsive images pretty easily.

Responsive Images: If you’re just changing resolutions, use srcset

Responsive Images

Responsive Design, Web Development | Posted by Keefr October 12th, 2014

responsive webEverything you are building on the web these days should have responsive code, unless you have a really good reason or super-specialized application. Using just CSS and fluid layouts, it’s pretty simple to setup responsive sites, but images are a bit trickier.

The article and screencast below from earlier this year gives good insight on cracking responsive images.

Figuring Out Responsive Images