Security updates for our GA and SEO plugins & many others • Yoast

Web Development, WordPress, WordPress | Posted by Keefr April 26th, 2015

wordpressAny piece of software is only as good its latest version and its security updates. WordPress and its plugins are no different.

Recently WordPress’ core was updated by there’s also a bunch of plugins where exploits have been found. The two lessons here: 1. Stay on top of the software updates for both WordPress and its plugins. 2. Use plugins that are actively still being developed whenever possible.

In this post, we’re announcing a security update to both our SEO plugin and our Google Analytics plugin. Chances are, a few of the other plugins you use are affected too. Read on below if you’re interested in the how and why, but make sure you go into your WordPress admin and update. Don’t just update our plugins, update all of…

Source: Security updates for our GA and SEO plugins & many others • Yoast

Google Changing URLs in search results

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Posted by Keefr April 18th, 2015

SEOThis past week, Google announced changes to the way it shows URLs in search results. With this change, your directory structure plays a more prominent role in the search engine results pages, meaning yo need to consider the hierarchy and naming of things in your site more than ever.

Granted, this should already be part of your standard operating procedures, but if it’s not, it should be going forward.

Changing URLs in search results

Why You Should Use Git

Web Development | Posted by Keefr March 16th, 2015

markup-htmlI’ve been meaning to post a link to this article from Six Revisions for months.

I’m a huge fan of version control as part of workflow, even in freelance and small shop settings. Nothing beats having a history of all the files you’re developing.

I originally started out with Subversion, but switched over to Git half a dozen years back now. There’s no reason not to be using version control in modern day development.

Why You Should Use Git

Shape Blobbing in CSS

CSS | Posted by Keefr February 9th, 2015

CSSThis is a cool little effect that could have its place on web sites or web applications. It ends up looking kind of like droplets of mercury on a surface. It definitely has limited application and it has limitations, but it’s cool.

Shape Blobbing in CSS

Social Share Kit – CSS & JS Social Sharing Tools

CSS, JavaScript | Posted by Keefr February 4th, 2015

Social Share Kit - CSS & JS Social Sharing ToolsWhile its relatively easy to roll your own social sharing tools, especially for things like Twitter and Facebook, the tool kit below is a good set of icons, buttons, and popups for social sharing.

The page describes it as the following:

Social Share Kit is a library of decent and good looking CSS/JavaScript social sharing tools like social network icons, share buttons, floating/sticky button bar and popups.

It is open-source library hosted on github, yet licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 license.

While it is licensed with a non-commercial license, it can’t be licensed for $19 for a single commercial site, or a $79 unlimited commercial projects license.

Social Share Kit