Get Latest Twitter Status Easily with PHP

PHP, Web Development | Posted by Keefr May 28th, 2015

Integrating the latest Tweets from Twitter into your site can been a pain, but here’s a great walkthrough on how to do it quickly easily and correctly with PHP and Twitter’s API.




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WooCommerce Bought By Automattic

WordPress | Posted by Keefr May 21st, 2015

wordpressEven as my company is exploring some e-commerce projects and I had WooCommerce as a front-runner for development platform, I somehow missed that Automattic, the company behind has acquired WooCommerce for an undisclosed amount.

WordPress is definitely looking to beef up its ecommerce offering officially and WooCommerce is a pretty mature product already.

Automattic Buys WooCommerce, The Popular Plugin For Turning WordPress Into A Store

HTML Parsing Quirk To Target Apple Watch

Email | Posted by Keefr May 15th, 2015

markup-htmlApple watch’s rendering of email/email previews spits out all text, stripping HTMLs to their bare core, but not before alerting the Apple Watch user that it did so, making any HTML email’s text contents at least one screen scroll away.

But posts about a separate block of code that can be used to target Apple Watch with simple HTML. The caveat is that few mail servers support it. But if you roll your own mail server, this may work for you.

Thanks to an interesting quirk in the way Apple Watch handles email content, users willing to brave a little HTML code can include “hidden” versions of a message specifically formatted for the device.

Source: HTML parsing quirk allows ‘hidden’ email content viewable only on Apple Watch

What It’s Like to Contribute to WordPress

Web Development, WordPress, WordPress | Posted by Keefr May 5th, 2015

WordPressNice article about contributing to a little ol’ open source software project used by 60 million people on the Internet — WordPress.

Kudos to all of those out there who continue to add, fix, contribute to WordPress. It’s become a crucial part of my profession and I’ve loved getting under the hood more and more — though not at the level the poster in the article linked below has.

A core contributor/developer sheds some light on the process of contributing code to WordPress core.

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Security updates for our GA and SEO plugins & many others • Yoast

Web Development, WordPress, WordPress | Posted by Keefr April 26th, 2015

wordpressAny piece of software is only as good its latest version and its security updates. WordPress and its plugins are no different.

Recently WordPress’ core was updated by there’s also a bunch of plugins where exploits have been found. The two lessons here: 1. Stay on top of the software updates for both WordPress and its plugins. 2. Use plugins that are actively still being developed whenever possible.

In this post, we’re announcing a security update to both our SEO plugin and our Google Analytics plugin. Chances are, a few of the other plugins you use are affected too. Read on below if you’re interested in the how and why, but make sure you go into your WordPress admin and update. Don’t just update our plugins, update all of…

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