Search Engine Optimization and Single Page Web Sites

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Posted by Keefr September 23rd, 2014

SEOI’ve built half a dozen sites over the past year or two that amount to a lot of information and pages on a single scrolling single page. My gut has always been that this isn’t great for SEO, but never had an article or data to back it up that was not just anecdotal.

The article below starts to shed some light on it.

I stand by my traditional web design/dev belief that search engines like large-well written sites where topics are specialized and specific across pages.

Single Page Websites & SEO

Hub Parent / Content Children Internal Linking Strategy for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Development | Posted by Keefr September 11th, 2014

SEOGreat article a co-worker found yesterday on the importance of structuring your internal links to show hierarchy and importance of pages via a hub parent page and content children pages. It makes a whole lot of sense, and is easy and intuitive to implement.

Why internal links and hub pages are the key to SEO success

The Holy Grail of CSS Centering

CSS | Posted by Keefr September 10th, 2014

CSSCentering is always a pain to do solely with CSS. This article claims to close the issue with the holy grail of centering, utilizing a combination of methods that all help negate the short fallings of any one method.

The down side is adding some markup that doesn’t necessarily add anything to page structure, but the simplicity of just utilizing CSS to control the formatting is worth it in my opinion.

The Holy Grail of CSS Centering

Setting Up Homebrew in OS X Mavericks

Web Development | Posted by Keefr September 8th, 2014

Apple OS XPart of web developer’s big love for the Macintosh operating system is its flexibility — with OS X being a pretty and polished face on top of Unix.

With that, means a whole lot of command line tools are available for developers — sometimes they’re a faster means to doing bulk tasks, and other times, they’re just deeper and more powerful than something with a GUI attached.

Making it even easier to install in Linux/Unix environments are several families of installers. One I’ve come to use often is “Homebrew.” Below is a how-to on installing and utilizing Homebrew in OS X Mavericks 10.9.

Installing Homebrew on OS X Mavericks 10.9, Package Manager for Unix Apps

WordPress 4.0 Guide

WordPress | Posted by Keefr September 4th, 2014

wordpressAs of the time of posting this, still is showing 3.9.2, but 4.0 is slated to be released today. I hadn’t even known today was the day till I saw the article below linked on Twitter.

Browsing through the article below, it doesn’t look like 4.0 is a major upgrade from a feature set. I’m sure there’s a ton going on below the hood though.

With any upgrade, mission critical upgrades should wait to make sure bugs are squashed and that all your plugins are compatible.

A Guide to WordPress 4.0

And here’s WordPress’ official video: