CSS Dropdown Menus Done Simply

CSS, Web Development | Posted by Keefr October 27th, 2014

CSSDropdown menus have come a long way and become a lot more easy to setup and maintain — and in this day and age, it can be done totally with CSS. Below is a simple example of how to do it well, but still simply.

Another Simple CSS3 Dropdown Menu

CSS Shapes

CSS | Posted by Keefr October 24th, 2014

CSSUtilizing CSS shapes, you can create layouts that previously only were possible on the feature pages of a magazine or newspaper.

But now, browsers are catching up and CSS shapes allow for text to follow shapes and paths.

Getting Started with CSS Shapes

Streaming Videos Through Amazon S3 Cloudfront and HTML5

HTML, Web Development | Posted by Keefr October 23rd, 2014

markup-htmlAmazon Web Services is a wonderfully powerful and affordable way to host files on the Internet. The one small problem is the documentation just plain sucks. Recently, I started the move of transitioning my company’s videos off of YouTube and onto Amazon’s S3 and CloudFront services. While I had used S3 before, I’d never used CloudFront, which makes a huge difference in performance. Regardless, I needed a little guidance setting it all up and came across the article below, which was perfect for configuring everything.

Streaming Videos Through Amazon S3 Cloudfront and HTML5

Guidelines For Organizing and Creating CSS

CSS | Posted by Keefr October 21st, 2014

CSSI can’t remember how I stumbled across this last week (think it was probably on Stack Overflow), Regardless, it’s a great set of guidelines surrounding organizing and setting up your cascading style sheets. You always see documentation on coding different languages, but it’s rare to find a good set of CSS guidelines.

High-Level Advice and Guidelines for Writing Sane, Manageable, Scalable CSS

WordPress Via the Command Line

DevOps, Web Development, WordPress | Posted by Keefr October 15th, 2014

wordpressI came across this today as I was exploring new web hosting for work and personal sites. It seems there’s a project that allows you to create, maintain and update WordPress sites via the command line (after a little bit of setup, of course).

I can see this as being nice for automating and managing a lot of sites, but overall, WordPress is already pretty sleek and usable via a bigger GUI.

That being said, I’ll likely play around with this at some point out of curiosity as much as anything else.