20 jQuery Plugins and Tutorials to Enhance Forms

So I’ve really been diving into learning, understanding and utilizing jQuery in my new job. It’s been very satisfying to look at someone else’s code and be able to read it, and understand line for line what is being done — granted it’s in fairly short examples, but it’s great to start understanding what’s going on beyond a copy and paste of someone else’s code.

That being said, there’s still a TON more to learn, and the 20 examples below are still examples I’m copying and pasting, and not able to mentally parse about 95% of it! These examples though are great in showing the power, flexibility and cool things jQuery and CSS can do for wrangling in boring old forms.

20 jQuery Plugins and Tutorials to Enhance Forms

In particular, I love this implementation – jQuery Form Validator – Because Form Validation is a Mess. I’ve been playing around with that one most of this afternoon, modifying it, and getting a good feel for the customization options it allows — highly recommend it. This one is probably going to be utilized in a major project next week.

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