So I bought the keefr.com on a whim back in 2009, wanting to have a short URL and one with a modern web feel — which is done is instantly by removing that third “e” from my last name. Flicker became modern web (AKA back in the day as Web 2.0) by going Flickr. Keefer becomes modern web as Keefr.

So beyond that goofy idea, I had really no purpose for another domain name. I surely didn’t need another redirect to my main site and blog — Keefer Madness, which basically talks about cycling, running, guitar, technology.

On occasion, I’ve got things that are a little more technical that relate to my line of work — web and software development, and being a technical leader and coach in that world. As an individual contributor many jobs ago, I straddled the line between designer and developer — more technical than most designers, evolving and growing up in a world of hand-coding front-end components, being an advocate for the user and user experience along the way. Since creating this site more than 14 years ago, my job descriptions have changed a bit, and I’ve been less in the code, and more in the coaching and leading the coders.

Keefr.com was created and continues to be my place to talk and share technical info about web design, development and leading within that sector. Welcome, and I hope you find my posts, opinions and links of use.

About Me

I currently live in Raleigh, North Carolina with my beautiful wife and two crazy and energetic boys.

I work remotely via Raleigh as an Engineering Manager for a company on the other coast of the United States, mentoring full-stack developers that span five timezones..

I also host and contribute to one other blogs on a regular basis:
Keefer Madness

Check them out if you get a chance, as well.


Starting in 2024, some images used in blog posts are AI-generated via Adobe’s Firefly service.