So I bought the keefr.com on a whim, wanting to have a short URL and one with a Web 2.0 feel — which is done is instantly by removing that third “e” from my last name. Flicker becomes Web 2.0 by going Flickr. Keefer becomes Web 2.0 as Keefr.

So beyond that goofy idea, I had really no purpose for another domain name. I surely didn’t need another redirect to my main site and blog — Keefer Madness, which basically talks about cycling, technology (like Apple, TiVo, HDTV) and other cool gadgets.

On occasion, I’ve got things that are a little more technical that relate to my line of work — web design and front end development. I straddle the line between designer and developer — more technical than most designers, hand-coding all my XHTML, CSS and starting to do some JS/jQuery, but I’ve got more design sense than your typical web developer.

So now Keefr.com has a purpose and a niche! It’s my place to talk and share technical info about web design and development. Welcome, and I hope you find my posts, opinions and links of use.

About Me

I currently live in Durham, North Carolina with my beautiful wife and two crazy and energetic boys.

I work in Raleigh, North Carolina as a Senior Front End Developer, focusing and working daily with acronyms like HTML, CSS, PHP, along with a fair amount of JavaScript (jQuery mainly).

I also host and contribute to two other blogs on a regular basis:
Keefer Madness
Closet NASCAR Fan

Check them out if you get a chance, as well.