social media instragram copycat account crackdown

Instagram Algorithm Giving Priority to Original Content Over Copycats

I’m sure you’ve noticed this as much as I have. You enjoy a video or image on Instagram, or even […]

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artificial intelligence

Experimentation with Adobe’s Firefly AI for Text to Images

AI feels like this year’s marketing buzz phrase, being used in unneeded places like your toothbrush. It’s overhyped, but it has its place.

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favicons computer mouse

The ultimate favicon generator – Favic-o-matic

Quick recommendation for a site to create EVERY kind of favicon you need, including iOS icons, Android icons, and more.

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Online Regular Expression Tester / Debugger

A guy on my team today shared this, and I had to immediately share as well. Regular Expression (RegEx) is […]

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WordPress Security Best Practices

Great article by iThemes, who just so happens to make a security plugin for WordPress. But seriously, the seven things […]

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Thoughts on the Future of Front End Development

Have I mentioned lately how much I love On top of the CSS depth that a site like CSS […]

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