Mac OS Command-Line Tools You May Not Have Known About

It’s always fun to utilize the command line / Terminal app to complete tasks in Mac’s operating system. A lot of times, it’s faster / more efficient. Here’s a few commands you may not have known about.

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Animated CSS-Based Back to the Future Flux Capacitor

Two of my favorite things in one: Back to the Future and front end development – specifically CSS. There’s no JS — even for the flux capacitor’s fluxing.

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CSS Drawn Icon

Loading CSS Asynchonously

We’ve all been asynchronously loading JavaScript for many years, but it hadn’t even occurred to me to asynchronously load CSS to speed up (and give even more perceptively speed) for that initial load and render. Like most things in the front end world, there are multiple ways to do it, but the article linked below shows an easy way to do it.

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Apple Time Machine

The History of Apple’s Time Machine

Like any software, Apple’s Mac OS’s Time Machine started out with pretty humble and simple beginnings and soon expanded into a better product, with more robust features, nuances, and arguably better reliability.

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CSS Icon

Calc() CSS Function to Change Hero Height

CSS Tricks continues to be my favorite and go-to for all things CSS and front-end. Years ago, I discovered the […]

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Markup / HTML

Offline-Only Viewing

While this is obviously an exercise in showing off what can be done via offline-only viewing mode in modern HTML5 browsers, it’s a cool thought exercise demonstrating the power of offline / service workers forced focus on the web.

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