Anime JavaScript Animation Engine

JavaScript Animation Engine

There are a bunch of JavaScript frameworks and helpers out there to make animations cooler and better on the web. This one seems to check both the boxes.

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Expanding Grid Item Animation

This is a cool little combination of CSS and JavaScript to have a small list grid item image transition to its full-size version of the image in its final positioned spot.

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Clean Dev Team Attends All Things Open 2017 Conference

Here’s a piece I wrote on my Clean dev team all attending the 2017 All Things Open Conference here in Raleigh, NC and our experiences and takeaways.

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Coding at Work on Halloween

Working at an agency is always fun around the holidays — and on Halloween, the creativity really comes out.

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Email Client Popularity in 2017

Anyway, Litmus, a great web-based testing suite for HTML email puts out an Email Client Market Share report on a semi-regular basis. It’s interesting to see the current state of things.

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multiScroll jQuery Plugin

This one creates divided multi-scrolling pages, with two vertical panels that scroll in opposite directions.

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