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Email Client Popularity in 2017

Anyway, Litmus, a great web-based testing suite for HTML email puts out an Email Client Market Share report on a semi-regular basis. It’s interesting to see the current state of things.

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Target=”_blank” Vulnerability and How to Protect Your Sites

This exploit is over a year old, but I just now came across it. Messing around with a security plugin […]

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Considering a New Flexible Heading HTML Tag

This is one I’ve never thought about for, nor was I aware was even talked about, but there’s been talk […]

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HTML Entity Crimes

I’m often Googling for HTML character entities that I use often — but not to remember their entity. What’s an […]

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Semantic CSS

Great article from A List Apart about utilizing modern-day markup of HTML5 and CSS3 to elevate above endless divs and […]

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HTML Entity Tips

While I was doing a search this morning for an obscure HTML entity, I came across this article about 10 […]

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