Anime JavaScript Animation Engine

JavaScript Animation Engine

There are a bunch of JavaScript frameworks and helpers out there to make animations cooler and better on the web. This one seems to check both the boxes.

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Expanding Grid Item Animation

This is a cool little combination of CSS and JavaScript to have a small list grid item image transition to its full-size version of the image in its final positioned spot.

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multiScroll jQuery Plugin

This one creates divided multi-scrolling pages, with two vertical panels that scroll in opposite directions.

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Fade Between Pages with jQuery

Here’s a cool little jQuery plugin you can use to fade (or other more tacky) transition between two pages utilizing […]

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Here’s another cool jQuery plugin with a singular purpose, helping you change the defaulting vertical scrolling into horizontal scrolling with […]

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Adaptive Backgrounds

Cool little jQuery plugin that takes the dominant color from an image and then applies it to the parent container. […]

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