Apple Time Machine

The History of Apple’s Time Machine

Like any software, Apple’s Mac OS’s Time Machine started out with pretty humble and simple beginnings and soon expanded into a better product, with more robust features, nuances, and arguably better reliability.

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CSS Icon

Calc() CSS Function to Change Hero Height

CSS Tricks continues to be my favorite and go-to for all things CSS and front-end. Years ago, I discovered the […]

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Safari Tech Preview Allows for MP4s in img tags

The latest Safari Tech preview adds the ability to have MP4s in img tags. If this catches, on it means we can keep animations on the web, but lose all the downsides of animated GIFs.

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Clean Dev Team Attends All Things Open 2017 Conference

Here’s a piece I wrote on my Clean dev team all attending the 2017 All Things Open Conference here in Raleigh, NC and our experiences and takeaways.

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Online Regular Expression Tester / Debugger

A guy on my team today shared this, and I had to immediately share as well. Regular Expression (RegEx) is […]

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WordPress Security Best Practices

Great article by iThemes, who just so happens to make a security plugin for WordPress. But seriously, the seven things […]

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