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Online Regular Expression Tester / Debugger

DevOps, JavaScript, PHP, Web Development | Posted by Keefr July 10th, 2017

Markup / HTMLA guy on my team today shared this, and I had to immediately share as well. Regular Expression (RegEx) is super powerful, but can be very confusing, and a single character off can have big consequences, not work properly or cause a regular expression to fail completely.

Enter the site linked below, regular expressions 101. It allows you to test and debug regular expressions, and even its variations between PHP, JavaScript, Python and Go.

It’s cool in that as you put in RegEx, it code hints everything so you can fully understand everything in the string — which is nice when you find a possible solution on Stack Overflow or some other random development blog. It helps you parse out what the RegEx is actually doing.

The explanations are well done and it’s a tool I’m definitely bookmarking for the next time I’m in the regular expression world.

regular expressions 101

Get Latest Twitter Status Easily with PHP

PHP, Web Development | Posted by Keefr May 28th, 2015

Integrating the latest Tweets from Twitter into your site can been a pain, but here’s a great walkthrough on how to do it quickly easily and correctly with PHP and Twitter’s API.




Source: Get Latest Twitter Status Easily with PHP

How To Put WordPress Site Into Maintenance Mode

PHP, Web Development, WordPress | Posted by Keefr January 7th, 2014

1389129731_social_5Nice and quick tutorial about how to put a WordPress-powered web site into maintenance mode via two ways — either via .htaccess or a plugin. If you can take the time, go the .htaccess route. Plugins add overhead, and offer no learning opportunities.

I’m not saying plugins never make sense (hey Advanced Custom Fields!), but often times, getting into the PHP (or .htaccess in this case) of WordPress, will garner you a little more knowledge of how the content management works. I guess this is true of plugins in general — even JS ones: plugins keep you from reinventing the wheel and offer a quick fix that’s likely to work quickly, but it shields you from some of the learning experience.

How To Put WordPress Site Into Maintenance Mode

Pico – Flat File Content Management System

Content Management Systems, PHP | Posted by Keefr August 9th, 2013

This is interesting: a flat-file content management system utilizing PHP (5.2.4+). The obvious advantages are no database needed and speed.

I could see this being used in some small projects, but overall, I think the admin-side is easier for clients to work with than having to create a folder structure with flat file — neat idea, but the holy grail is really some way to edit inline on the page (kind of like SquareSpace does).

9 times out of 10, for now, I’d stick with WordPress, but it’s still a neat concept.


What to Expect From PHP 5.5

PHP, Web Development | Posted by Keefr December 24th, 2012

Co-worker shared this with our team last week and wanted to post it. I didn’t realize how big of a jump forward PHP 5.5 was going to be. Pretty cool stuff — especially Easy Password API and Generators.