CSS Pixel Art Examples

CSSGrowing up, when the Internet was just a baby, and BBS’s were the thing, I used to dabble in creating ASCII and ANSI art, the latter taking mainly the rubout character and using different colors to make crude pixel art and sprites. I wish I had some somewhere to review and reflect. They probably weren’t as good as I remember, so maybe it’s better off they’ve been lost to time.

Regardless, ANSI art was the grandfather of CSS Pixel art — a way of creating icons, logos, and other visuals utilizing just cascading style sheets. The article linked below shows some great examples of creating art, utilizing only CSS. While it’s not the most efficient way to create, it is cool, if nothing more than a proof-of-concept of the power of CSS and the creativity of developers out there.

Source: CSS-Tricks – Fun Times With CSS Pixel Art

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