Daily Inspiration – Web/Interactive Development and Tech Leadership

Below is a growing list of sites that I read, review, and listen to nearly every day to stay inspired, stay informed, and just get an idea of what the development and leadership communities are doing, trends.

While I’m not doing much coding in my last two roles, I still like to stay on top of what’s new, inspiring on the code side —a especially the front-end where I’m most versed.

The leadership stuff is more in my sweet spot for roles these past few years.

The short list of websites abd podcast are in no particular order, beyond alphabetical, that is.

Web and Interactive Development

  1. Awwwards – This is a long-running awards site that shows off the best of the web. Some of the sites are pretty niche, but have good design and often cutting-edge web technology. The always do a site of the day, so there’s always something new to see and look under the hood of on the web via Awwwards. They also have several people score and break down what the site did well.
    I’m honored to have been part of the team back in 2018 to put together a site that ended up an Honorable Mention on Awwwards. The site, unfortunately has been lost to time.
  2. CSS Tricks – I’ve been enthralled with the web’s front end for over a quarter of a century (eek!), and have used its CSS since its first support on web browsers. This site continues to show off the best use of CSS for enhancing, polishing and enhancing the front end of sites. I continue to learn new things about CSS via this site.
  3. co dropsI have this on my frequently visited sites or the same reasons as CSS Tricks above. It constantly is showing tricks to enhance user interface and has a huge curated collection of over 500 demos to help inspire and enhance your own projects.
  4. SEM Rush Blog – Search engine optimization (SEO) used to be a much bigger part of my job first as an individual contributing developer and then as a SEO Manager for a brief time. SEM Rush was and still is my first reference place related to anything SEO related.

Leadership and Management

  1. Blanchard Leaderchat
  2. – Self described as a forum to discuss leadership and management issues, recent topics have focused a lot on innovation, effective leadership habits, goal-setting and more.

  3. Leading Blog
  4. – A blog by Leadership now, the Leading Blog describes itself as, “building a community of leaders.”

  5. Suzi McAlpine
  6. – This is a blog by leadership coach, Suzi McAlpine with topics surrounding making leaders better, the decisions, organizational tips, and tasks leaders often face.


  1. Darknet Diaries – This is the newest addition to my regular listens, and I’m hooked. My manager in one of our weekly 1:1’s introduced me, and I’ve been flying through episodes starting from the beginning, and it’s a great look at the darker side of the Internet — hacking, social engineering and the like.
  2. Ken Coleman Show – This is a recording of the Ramsey Network radio show, titled simply The Ken Coleman Show. Ken Coleman’s show is a combination of interviews with leaders and call-in for people looking to get the right job that is an intersection of their talents and passions. He’s a positive advocate for finding people the right mindset to find the perfect career that fits their talents, personality, and frame of mind.


Do you have further suggestions that fit in these categories? I’d love to find some more places to listen and read. Please leave a comment if you have some high-quality sources of content.

Daily Inspiration - Web/Interactive Development and Tech Leadership

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