Google Admits Quality Content Writing Prevails… Duh

Google Admits Quality Content Writing Prevails... DuhNothing in the article written below should come as a surprise —but it’s great to get confirmation from Google.

It basically comes down to what we all suspect, know and/or are hopefully implementing. Good content by people that have an understanding about what they’re writing about ranks well. brought up the E.A.T. acronym — Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. You can see how a certain level of writing will get you all three.

Tack onto the Trustworthiness by how long your site’s been around, how often it publishes new content (and revises old content), as well as the move for sites to go to https.

Common sense SEO continues to prevail. Keep writing (and writing often) good and relevant content for your clients/customers/readers, and everything else will fall into place.

Source: Conductor – Google Says You Need Experts for Quality Content Writing

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