Instagram Algorithm Giving Priority to Original Content Over Copycats

I’m sure you’ve noticed this as much as I have. You enjoy a video or image on Instagram, or even a whole account. Then a few hours or days later, you see the content again — but it doesn’t have your mark of approval via a like. If you do a further investigation though, it actually is from two different accounts.

InstagramA lot of spammers and people in general are taking advantage of popular accounts, simply reposting/repurposing content wholesale. I guess with the intent of getting some of the advertising revenue.

In an article yesterday (linked below), The Verge noted that Instagram is taking action to clean these copycat accounts up.

Instagram clearly has a problem with this and will begin removing reposted content from recommendations across the platform. The update targets serial reposters — accounts that share content that they didn’t “create or enhance in a material way” more than 10 times in 30 days.

Take Note YouTube

YouTube iconLet’s hope that Google/YouTube follow suit and update their algorithms, suggestions, etc. to identify the original source of content and virtually eliminate the reposts, and to a lesser extent reaction videos to the original content. I’ve experienced this as much, if not more on YouTube as I have on Instagram.


Source: Instagram’s updated algorithm prioritizes original content instead of rip-offs

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