Responsive jQuery Slider Plugin – FlexSlider

Posted by Keefr August 26th, 2011

I’m a huge fan of jQuery Tools by FlowPlayer. It’s a great set of user interface bits I’ve used on so many projects, and it’s well documented, flexible and configurable to be pretty compact when customized and minified.

But I may have to start at least replacing my use of their Scrollable slider with the FlexSlider linked below — for the simple fact that it’s completely responsive, something that is coming to the forefront of most design projects these days, or at least the ones I’m involved with:

Responsive jQuery Slider Plugin – FlexSlider

I’ll at least be giving this a try. If things work out with it, it may become my slider of choice — possibly might revisit some old slider installs. It definitely has promise.

P.S. Props to for introducing this slider plugin to me.

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