Semantic CSS

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)Great article from A List Apart about utilizing modern-day markup of HTML5 and CSS3 to elevate above endless divs and classes.

The main thing I take away from this isn’t a hard and fast rule to eliminate any one thing, but rather start to think about design patterns and style to more tags and fewer classes. It’s easier said than done — especially on those larger and more involved sites.

But the thought exercise and the idea of starting to move that way are something you can ease into. Start looking at elements across a site/web application more holistically. Hopefully, all your forms on a given site share a lot of the same aesthetics, while the same can be said about your

tags, etc.

But while you start with the best and cleanest intentions, exceptions and inconsistencies in the design are introduced by clients, designers and developers alike. Going forward, our jobs as front end developers are to simplify, streamline and reuse as often as possible. Sure, it’s a loft goal, but one that we can work towards.

Source: A List Apart – Meaningful CSS: Style Like You Mean It

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