Safari Tech Preview Allows for MP4s in img tags

The latest Safari Tech preview adds the ability to have MP4s in img tags. If this catches, on it means we can keep animations on the web, but lose all the downsides of animated GIFs.

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Anime JavaScript Animation Engine

JavaScript Animation Engine

There are a bunch of JavaScript frameworks and helpers out there to make animations cooler and better on the web. This one seems to check both the boxes.

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CSS Icon

Expanding Grid Item Animation

This is a cool little combination of CSS and JavaScript to have a small list grid item image transition to its full-size version of the image in its final positioned spot.

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Creating a Border Animation Effect with SVG & CSS

This is one of those demos/tutorials that are cool looking and great if utilized sparingly and in the right places. […]

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Detecting CSS Animation Completion with JavaScript

Nice tips here on utilizing JavaScript to detect the browser and its CSS animation abilities. The bigger revelation David Walsh […]

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Myth Busting: CSS Animations vs. JavaScript

Nice article on utilizing JavaScript versus CSS for animations, hardware accelerations and the assumptions and myths people have about CSS […]

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