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Aligning Elements with CSS Transforms

CSS | Posted by Keefr August 18th, 2015

CSSHere’s some quick CSS for horizontally or vertically centering any element. It’s all done with CSS3 transforms, meaning it’s a solution that will work anywhere from at or newer than IE 9, Chrome 31, Safari 7.1 and Android Browser 4.1. The only caveat is that you’ll need MS and webkit prefixes for those older versions of the browsers.

There’s also no Opera Mini support, which shouldn’t affect many users, but use your own site’s analytics to confirm that you don’t have a bunch of users coming from Opera Mini, or other unsupported browser (IE8).

Vertically and Horizontally Align Any Element with CSS3 Transforms

Utilizing Nth-Child Selectors to Create New Ones

CSS | Posted by Keefr January 28th, 2015

CSSNice article about using the existing framework of CSS3 selectors to create new instances of selectors.

(Ab)Using CSS3’S :nth-child Selector To Invent New Ones

Swishy CSS3 Navigation

CSS | Posted by Keefr October 25th, 2013

Nice little effect using CSS3 and CSS transitions specifically. This is another one of those that is cool — when used sparingly and in the right context.

Swishy CSS3 navigation

Creating Different CSS3 Box Shadows Effects

CSS | Posted by Keefr October 23rd, 2013

Nice quick demo of creating different box shadow effects utilizing CSS3.

Creating Different CSS3 Box Shadows Effects

CSS3 Transitions and z-index

CSS | Posted by Keefr April 4th, 2013

Nice article/how-to on utilizing CSS3 transitions to adjust z-index values:

CSS3 Transitions and z-index