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Command Line Challenge

DevOps | Posted by Keefr February 7th, 2017

SEOI’m in the terminal every day at work, especially when working on our pair of web servers at work, or my personal one. Over the years, I feel like I’ve gotten really adept at doing things efficiently and quicker than through a GUI for a ton of tasks, but this challenge is a good eye opener about how much more I could be doing and learning to do via the command line.

CMD Challenge

When Is It Time To Redo Your Site?

Web Design, Web Development | Posted by Keefr February 17th, 2016

Web PageIt’s a question that’s asked of me a lot. When do you need to redo your site? It’s something I want to deep dive into in a post here in the near future.

In the meantime, check out the article linked below that just brushes the surface of some reasons why you may need to consider redoing your site.

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WordPress Via the Command Line

DevOps, Web Development, WordPress | Posted by Keefr October 15th, 2014

wordpressI came across this today as I was exploring new web hosting for work and personal sites. It seems there’s a project that allows you to create, maintain and update WordPress sites via the command line (after a little bit of setup, of course).

I can see this as being nice for automating and managing a lot of sites, but overall, WordPress is already pretty sleek and usable via a bigger GUI.

That being said, I’ll likely play around with this at some point out of curiosity as much as anything else.


27 Things Only Developers Will Find Funny

Humor, Web Development | Posted by Keefr July 27th, 2013

I tweeted this out Thursday, but wanted it on my site as well. There are some classics in this list. But yeah, probably only funny to developers. But then again, if you’re not a developer, what are you doing here anyway?

Hat tip to Ben for finding and sharing this with the Centerline Interactive Team.

27 Things Only Developers Will Find Funny

10 Developer Tips To Build A Responsive Website

Responsive Design, Web Design, Web Development | Posted by Keefr April 26th, 2013

Awesome infographic walking developers (and designs with some CSS and HTML chops) through responsive development. The section on media queries and where to choose to cut up the different resolutions is invaluable, and print and post worthy.

10 Developer Tips To Build A Responsive Website

Hat tip, Ben for sharing this one.