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Legitimate Email Blasts – Avoiding False Positives

Email | Posted by Keefr July 28th, 2015

emailThe page isn’t pretty, but the support team over at Site5 gave me this link from with some great tips about getting your legitimate emails to their target inboxes, breaking it down into general guidelines, fixing false positives and some additional resources.

Some Tips for Legitimate Senders to Avoid False Positives

Responsive Email Templates

Email, Responsive Design | Posted by Keefr November 4th, 2013

I didn’t know that responsive and email could go in the same sentence till I started my current job. But it’s definitely a thing — just not a thing that works everywhere.

The link below offers some great templates for working with responsive emails — a great jumping off point.

Responsive Email Templates

Guide to CSS Support in Email

CSS, Email | Posted by Keefr July 29th, 2013

Friend and co-worker found this last week over at Campaign Monitor’s web site — a great compatibility guide for CSS support across email clients.

Email clients — also known as the only reason developers still know how to code HTML tables.

Guide to CSS Support in Email

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