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Animated CSS Loaders

CSS | Posted by Keefr April 20th, 2017

What comes around goes around, right? A lot of these animated loaders done mainly with CSS harken back to the heyday of Flash — the initial experience taking a little longer than a person’s attention span. So to give the user a cue, a looping animation was created to indicate loading of the site/resources was in progress.

The list below shows 20 unique ways to show content is still in the process of being loaded.

Source: Line25 – Animated Loaders | 20 Unique Examples + Free Downloads

Loading CSS Spinners / Bars Generator for AJAX & jQuery

CSS, jQuery | Posted by Keefr December 6th, 2011

Came across this web site last week at some point that allows you to quickly make a CSS-based loading spinner. There’s a decent amount of variety for styling it to make it your own, and match you your site/web project.

Loading CSS Spinners / Bars Generator for AJAX & jQuery