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WordPress Plugin Equivalents in Drupal

Content Management Systems, Drupal, WordPress | Posted by Keefr June 28th, 2016

DrupalIt’s no secret that WordPress is my go-to for content management system driven web sites. It’s free. It’s mature and it’s got a huge community both in terms of support and in its plugins library. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel most of the time.

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Optimizing a Complex Site for Pagespeed

Optimization, WordPress | Posted by Keefr July 6th, 2015

Optimizing a Complex Site for PagespeedThe article linked below goes into some nice detail about improving the speed and perceived speed of a relatively complex WordPress-based web site.

Its biggest point though is in the fact that page speed score shouldn’t overrule actual speed improvements.

Optimizing a Complex Site for Pagespeed

WooCommerce Bought By Automattic

WordPress | Posted by Keefr May 21st, 2015

wordpressEven as my company is exploring some e-commerce projects and I had WooCommerce as a front-runner for development platform, I somehow missed that Automattic, the company behind has acquired WooCommerce for an undisclosed amount.

WordPress is definitely looking to beef up its ecommerce offering officially and WooCommerce is a pretty mature product already.

Automattic Buys WooCommerce, The Popular Plugin For Turning WordPress Into A Store

What It’s Like to Contribute to WordPress

Web Development, WordPress, WordPress | Posted by Keefr May 5th, 2015

WordPressNice article about contributing to a little ol’ open source software project used by 60 million people on the Internet — WordPress.

Kudos to all of those out there who continue to add, fix, contribute to WordPress. It’s become a crucial part of my profession and I’ve loved getting under the hood more and more — though not at the level the poster in the article linked below has.

A core contributor/developer sheds some light on the process of contributing code to WordPress core.

Source: What It’s Like to Contribute to WordPress

Controlling CSS/JS WordPress Plugins Utilize

Optimization, Web Development, WordPress, WordPress | Posted by Keefr November 19th, 2014

wordpressWordPress is great as a content mangement system, but mix in a couple plugins and the like, and some of the optimizations and performance tweaks you’d typically do on a static site go straight out the window.

The article below does a good job about explaining the functionality of plugins, their usage of JavaScript and CSS, and how to reign it all back in.

Taking Control of the CSS/JS that WordPress Plugins Load