Web Standards Killed the HTML Star

“In some ways, the Web Standards Movement killed the Web Standards Guru”

markup-htmlThis article is spot on, in my humble opinion. Over the course of my almost 14 year professional career, I’ve definitely seen the need for the web standards and browser knowledge dwindle as the browsers have matured and improved.

But like anything related to computers and technology in general — you either adapt or you find another profession. The role of the front end developer is no different.

HTML and CSS are baked in to every web developer’s knowledge now and things like jQuery, Angular, Node, etc. are the flavors of the moment.

That reminds me — when there’s downtime for some professional development where I need to be focusing my brushing up.

To survive in web technologies, it really comes down to one thing: adapt and stay adept.

Web Standards Killed the HTML Star

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