Web Trends 2015: Defining the Year

Web Trends 2015: Defining the YearIt’s that time of year where every subject gets its year roundup/list. Web design is no different.

Creative Bloq put together a list of 10 trends in web design/development that sum up the past year — and it does a good job.

Web Trends 2015

If you’re like me, your 2015 portfolio / workload fits within the list pretty well. For me, the long scrolling and card layout have been very popular.

While identifying the trends in itself is nice, I like that it breaks down the best practices and tips for implementing each. I’m pretty sure a lot of these trends will continue into 2016 as most of them didn’t start January 1 of 2015.

Source: CreativeBloq.com – 10 website trends that defined 2015

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