What is the Best WordPress Framework to Use?

wordpressI know I’m in the minority, but I’m still not sold on frameworks for the majority of the sites I’m building. The caveat there is I am building mainly sites for small companies with even smaller amounts of traffic. I’m also not building web applications — typically sites that want a presence on the web, but have a physical location, a physical product or a product acquired by another means.

All that being said, frameworks can be huge time savers and can help get something off the ground quicker for sure and they have their time and place. For my WordPress development, for me the “framework” for me has been having a WordPress standard setup that I have locally, configured as I like with the plugins and optimizations I do over and over.

But after reading this article, I can see times when starting with a framework would make sense — mainly in terms of saving time, money and effort.

Part of me though likes to get things as custom, tweaked, lean and mean as possible. That will never be fully possible with a framework that’s made to cater to a lot of people and situations. Regardless, I definitely see their merits.

What is the Best WordPress Framework to Use?

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